Your Very Own People Group


Paul tells a story of a crucial moment of truth in the early church. From this moment, we see two vital things…

1. The religious “add to” Jesus in every generation. 

Then it was circumcision. Now, thankfully it isn’t that…but it is something else. We say, “To be a strong Christian, you must…”

  • Listen to the right music.
  • Watch the right movies.
  • Pray xx amount a day. 
  • Read the Bible xx amount a day. 
  • Not wear leggings. 
  • Not drink.
  • Drink because you have freedom to. 
  • Be at church 3+ times a week. 

You know what? The only thing you have to do is Hear & Follow Jesus. If you are earnesty seeking him…if you are truly dependent upon him…he will always lead you out of sin, into healing, living out righteousness and serving others. 

It isn’t about do or not to do. It is about Life in Jesus. And Life in Jesus is contageous!

2. All of us have our own “people group.”

This “moment of truth” is told by Luke Acts 15 where Paul tells the Jerusalem church leaders (James…Jesus’ brother & Peter) what the Spirit is doing among the Gentiles (read: Non-Fans). 

But there were those saying, “These Gentiles (read: Non-Fans) must be circumcised to be strong Christians.” 

To Peter & James’ credit, they would have none of it. They saw God at work and shut down the talk of “adding to” Jesus. And every guy today is soooo thankful circumcision isn’t a requirement for salvation!

And they celebrated that Peter & James had their own, God appointed, “people group” and Paul had his. Peter & James were to take the message to Jews (read: those who grew up in church) and Paul & his companions were to take the message to the Gentiles (read: Non-Fans). The same God led them to two different groups of people. 

And with way more diversity than two people groups, God still does this today. He does it with local churches. He does it with individuals. 

Who is your people group God has given to you? Can you answer that question? 

I continue to wonder about my God-given purpose and people group. I still wonder if I’ve found my jet stream of God-given purpose. I fit more with Peter & James, working among the Fans & those who have been around church. Maybe you are more of a Paul, someone who can connect with Non-Fans. And all of that must be celebrated because both are vital!

Do you want to know, but struggle with knowing? I’ll meet you over coffee, Coke, lunch to help you discover! Coaching is one of my main areas of strength. I’d love to sit with you to discover this! 

People matter to God. You matter to God so much that he invites and equips you to make a difference in other people’s lives! It’s time to discover that. Email me Message me. Something. And we’ll get together. 

Losing My Religion is a sermon series about being free from religious superiority. Read along with us in Galatians and Matthew 23 with our Reading Plan. Today’s reading is from Galatians 2:1-10.