Yeast Infection


Now Paul moves to why the religious do what they do and how to protect themselves from becoming slaves to rules…

1. Slaves to rules will persecute those who are free. 

Paul explains why the rules followers were doing what they are doing. 

For all time, those who are slaves to rules will persecute and drag down those who are free. Old Testament, Gospels, Acts, letters…all have stories of the rules followers persecuting the free. 

The more we live in freedom, the more we will receive criticism for living that way. CrossPoint has lived in relative obscurity in this area. But our time is coming when this will become reality for us…so long as we live free in Christ. 

2. Be careful of the yeast of the religious. 

Jesus warned the disciples to not let the yeast of the Pharisees (religious) ruin their dough. Just a pinch of rules based living will rise into a huge problem. It becomes a yeast infection.

And Paul is warning of the same thing. Send the rules based out of the camp. Just a little bit of this yeast will become a huge problem. 

We must always be on guard. How can you make sure you are not living a life based on rules instead of freedom? What do you do to continuously remind yourself that following Christ is the goal, not following rules?

Losing My Religion is a sermon series about being free from religious superiority. Read along with us in Galatians and Matthew 23 with our Reading Plan. Today’s reading is from Galatians 4:26-31.