When People Deceive


Everyday Prayer: Prayer for when people are luring us down their path with lies and flattery.

To have people lying to us and using flattery to deceive us is like walking down a beautiful path that is laced with landmines. One bad step and boom! Our life is destroyed.

While that seems extreme, it probably doesn’t seem extreme to someone who has experienced this. They probably have a story of someone who blew up their life because they deceived them about what path is safe.

The danger is for us to give up. Because the possibility exists to be blown up, we will no longer walk down any path. We will no longer trust anyone. There is so much to fear. So what do we do?

  1. Trust the God who is Truth to lead us. He will lead our steps down our path. We may still be wounded, but it’ll be better than it would have been otherwise. And we’ll be with the One who heals.
  2. Trust God to punish those who deceive. God might not just punish them, he might just lead them to fall into their own trap!

God, as the Truth, will shelter those who take refuge in him. And will shelter us from the destruction that comes when someone lures us down their path with lies and flattery.

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