When Our Name Is Trashed


Everyday Prayer: Prayer when others trash your reputation.

We’ve all experienced someone trashing our reputation. Maybe we deserved it. Maybe we treated that person like trash and they shared what we did.

But then there is the “trashing” when someone else lies about our reputation.

It is natural to be angry. It is natural to want revenge and to bring down their reputation as you defend your own.

David reminds us, “Be angry. But don’t sin.” But why? It would bring so much pleasure to restore my reputation, reap the rewards and bring down the other person a couple notches in the process.

But David shows us having a good name before God is more important than having a good name before people.

That will bring more joy into our lives than any rewards having a good name before man will bring. But it is when our name is falsely tarnished this concept is put to the test.

Remain righteous before God. Keep your name pure before him. And when others tarnish our name, he will be the one who lets us sleep in peace.

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