When I am Attacked


Everyday Prayer: Defend me and attack for me when I am being attacked.

When we’re being attacked, we want to defend ourselves. By going to someone, somewhere or something that will give us safety and comfort. But we also want to go on the attack. To attack those who attack us.

Look, I don’t face attacks like this. I can simply point to Scriptures like this one to give Gospel solutions.

David didn’t defend himself. He didn’t attack back. He waited for God to defend and attack for him.

Now, I will also interject this, David did run. David did hide. He didn’t stay in a situation that would be harmful and even get him killed. But when given the opportunity to defend himself or even attack back, he chose not to take it.

When attacked, our first instinct is to defend or attack. Instead, run to God. Find him to be the one who rescues the weak from the strong.

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