The Wedding Battle


The Wedding Battle

As the movie winds down, only the wedding remains. Our beloved antagonist is so close to walking down the aisle with this bride. Finally, he will marry the woman he has fought so hard for.

And yet, there is one more battle. As the groom checks his bow one more time, he sees his nemesis in the mirror. This nemesis has come back for one last battle.

The groom has had enough. This battle will end all battles. The one who has worked so hard to defile and destroy the bride will be destroyed.

And now we see a completely different groom than we have ever seen before. Any previous fierceness of the groom looks like peace compared to now. Flames from his eyes. A sword coming from his mouth. His robe stained with blood. And a tattoo on his thigh: King of kings and Lord of lords.

This groom will marry his bride.

The Wedding Feast

The battle to end all battles must happen. All battles must end because Jesus must feast with his bride for all eternity.

If there is a possibility of another battle, the feast isn’t a true feast. Wedding feasts in the 1st Century make our wedding receptions look tame. They were 7 days of elation. A full week of joyous celebration. Food, wine, dancing and laughter reign and rain down on everyone. If the people feared battle, the feast wouldn’t be uninhibited joy.

And this is the imagery of eternity with our Groom. Why do we make our services as joyous as possible? So that we can give people a percentage of a percentage glimpse into what the eternal wedding feast will be like.

Yes, we are called to repent. Yes, we do want people to be challenged to follow Jesus. But we equally want people to taste what eternity will be like with Jesus.

After Jesus defeats all his enemies, eternity will be better than the best party ever thrown. And there will be no hint of sin, death, defeat or fear of anyone ruining this moment. This moment that will last for all eternity.

Don’t give up the fight. Jesus himself is fighting on your behalf. In the end, we will enjoy a feast that will make all the battles be a distant memory.

Throughout this year (Aug. 2016-Aug. 2017), CrossPoint will be reading through the New Testament. We are doing this because we’re learning about the Church and the New Testament is the handbook for the church. Therefore, join us as we follow this reading plan. Today’s reading is from Revelation 19.