The Race to the Bottom


Life Point: Infinity Life is found on the race to the bottom.

The race to the top is what our culture cares about. You are fired if you’re not at the top. This becomes real at the end of sports seasons. Impatient teams, Athletic Directors and owners will fire those who are on the race to the bottom.

But Jesus was on the race to the bottom. And he challenged his disciples to run the same race.

What does that look like?

  • A cup of suffering.
  • Being a ransom for many.

What would it mean for a church to race to the bottom? Perhaps they did everything right, and yet no one ever comes to them to do a conference, speak, write books and let the world know how they did it.

To those on the race to the bottom, the top doesn’t matter. Or maybe the top is something different. And because they changed the metrics, the top matters a whole lot. Now, with Jesus, the top are the people we get to serve.

Today’s Reading is from Matthew 20:20-28.

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