The Power to Go and Show


Life Point: God gives the Holy Spirit so we can go and show.

The disciples thought they understood the Son of Man. Then he died. But it made complete sense again when he resurrected. Rome can’t destroy an indestructible man! Now is the time Jesus, the Son of Man, will establish Israel as a kingdom forever!

Except that’s not the kingdom Jesus was establishing. In fact, God established his kingdom before time began. This means God’s kingdom is shown to people, not established.

So the disciples needed to wait. Why?

Because the Holy Spirit would come. What would he do?

Give power. For what?

Power to go to all nations. Why?

To be Jesus’ witnesses. To tell them God’s kingdom was close. And all they needed to do was to believe and repent.

The Son of Man in Daniel 7 was to have an everlasting dominion, followers all over the earth and will give his kingdom to his followers.

All sounds exactly what Jesus was doing with his disciples.

But now confusion beset the disciples. And they did the only thing they knew to do…pray.

Today, nothing has changed. Prayer for God’s kingdom activity is vital. We can’t create our own power. We must involve the Holy Spirit if we’re to go and show. And prayer is what activates us and the Holy Spirit to accomplish the mission.

Today’s Reading is from Acts 1:1-14.

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