The Life


Revelation 22:1-5 is the point of Revelation. 

  • Thirsty? The river of the water of life is flowing from God’s throne. 
  • Hungry? The trees of life lines the river of life. 
  • Forgotten? You’ll see his face and his name will be on your forehead. 


We hunger and thirst for life. We will go to many sources for that life. God provides that life. God provides it in abundance. Like a cool, fresh spring on a warm summer day. 

Going through Revelation has been used by God to do a work inside of me. It is all about life and to what source do we turn to find life. 

  • To the One who is above all? 
  • To the One who always is?
  • To the One who loves us?
  • To the One who freed us from sin?
  • To the One who gives abundant life?

I don’t know aobut you, but I want to hunger and thirst for his life in ways I never have before. 

And with his life, we will never be the same!

New Management is about transformation. And when Jesus is your New Manager, tranformation is what he does. Revelation is a picture of this extraordinary God intersecting with our ordinary life. And when that happens, nothing stays the same. Today’s reading is Revelation 22:1-21.