The City of God


I cannot image the absolute awe John had to have when getting a sneak peak at the beauty of the new Jerusalem. 

  • Its glory gave off a hue like jasper. Imagine the northern lights coming from the city. 
  • The buildings were made of pure gold…like glass. That’s how impure our purest gold is!
  • That same gold is the pavement of Main Street. 
  • Precious jewels are the foundation. 
  • The walls are nearly a football field thick. 
  • Each gate is carved from one pearl. 

And those are only the best words he could find to describe it! The picture we have is, at best, like watching the most brilliant HD TV without our glasses on. You can see the brilliance, but it is still blurry!

But that’s not even the best part. God’s presence permeates every corner of the city. 

  • No need for a temple because God is everywhere. 
  • No need for sun or lights because God’s light is everywhere. 
  • No need to shut the gates because there is no night…nor any evil. 
  • No need for pain because there is no injustice. 

Everyone only acts out of complete righteousness. The righteousness that Jesus lived and secured for his people. 

And Jesus made this possible through the life he lived and sacrifice he made. Now we find it through hungering and thirsting for his righteousness alone. 

And we hold onto faith now because we know this is coming someday!

New Management is about transformation. And when Jesus is your New Manager, tranformation is what he does. Revelation is a picture of this extraordinary God intersecting with our ordinary life. And when that happens, nothing stays the same. Today’s reading is Revelation 21:9-27.