The Bible Doesn’t Give Eternal Life


Life Point: Jesus gives Eternal Life. Scriptures point us to Jesus.

The Bible doesn’t give us Eternal Life. The religious leaders in Jesus’ day thought the Scriptures were there for facts and rule following. Much like a referee, if I know all the rules, then I can get the game right.

Except that isn’t what the Bible is for.

The Bible is there to point us to Jesus. And Jesus is the One who gives Eternal, Abundant, Infinity Life. Jesus wants to give you an Energy inside your soul that never runs out. And Scriptures is one of the primary ways he gives this Life to us. Prayer and Community are the other two ways we receive Infinity Life.

How do you find Life in the Scriptures? In whatever passage you read, find one Life Point. Answer the question, “How does this passage point me to Infinity Life?” Then chew on that thought for the rest of your day. Finding one Life Point at a time will grow us into Jesus’ image.

Today’s Reading is from John 5:31-47.

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