Rough Around the Edges


Jesus continues to move deeper with the religious. He now attacks their religious actions because goodness is a matter of the heart… 

1. Cleaning the outside doesn’t make the cup usable. 

If I only cleaned the outside of the cups at my house, you still wouldn’t want to use them for a drink. 

The religious clean the outside. Rules & regulations make sure they look good on the outside. But, as Jesus points out, greed & self indulgence is still present in their heart. Still making their heart black.
2. Jesus cleans the inside. 

Jesus doesn’t leave us without hope. In fact, his message is more hopeful. 

He will clean the inside of the cup. Making it more usable than ever. 

Coming to church, reading the Bible, praying are all great activities. If we’re using them to find Jesus and let him clean the inside of our cup. 

Sin is a heart issue…not an action issue. 

Jesus wants to bring our dead heart to life. He wants to transform the blackness of our heart to light. Our only hope for true transformatin is in him. 

We may be rough around the edges…but still being transformed from the inside out!

Losing My Religion is a sermon series about being free from religious superiority. Read along with us in Galatians and Matthew 23 with our Reading Plan. Today’s reading is from Matthew 23:25-26.