River and Tree of Life


Water and Fruit

Life only comes from the throne of God.

This is the last chapter of the Bible. And this chapter paints a picture that echos in our soul. Unending water and unending fruit are available to us. And the water and fruit give Life. And this Life only flows from the throne of God.

Not only is this a picture of God’s city for all eternity. This is a picture of God’s Kingdom now. There is a fountain, a river, that will never run dry. There is food that always satisfies. God’s Kingdom gives Life.

The only thing keeping us from the river and the trees is getting into the city. And the only way to get into the city is to wash our clothes. Clothes throughout the Bible is a metaphor for righteousness. Our own righteousness is dirty. But when we wash our clothes in the blood of the Lamb, they become clean. And we gain entry to God’s city (Kingdom) and to the river and the tree of Life.

We do not do this for religion. Gathering on Sunday is ritual. But it shouldn’t be ritualistic. We do this to give Life. And God alone gives Life. To find Life we must feed from his Word, gather with his people and seek him in prayer about finding that Life he offers.

God gives Life in Genesis 1. God gives Life for all eternity in Revelation 22. The comparisons of the start and end of the Bible are amazing!

God alone gives Life. We can try to manufacture it. We think sin offers it. But true Life only comes from our Father.

Throughout this year (Aug. 2016-Aug. 2017), CrossPoint will be reading through the New Testament. We are doing this because we’re learning about the Church and the New Testament is the handbook for the church. Therefore, join us as we follow this reading plan. Today’s reading is from Revelation 22.