Restored Series


Things seem to break all the time don’t they? Once you fix one thing, something else breaks.


And our lives are no different. Things get broken. We get broken. We get broken in ways we can’t repair.

But when the Kingdom comes close, people get Restored.

Jesus showed up announcing the Kingdom was close. Then he did miracles. Miracles showing the Kingdom restores things back to the way they were supposed to be.

What were those miracles restoring?

PODCAST #1: Restored Life
October 19: Restored Work
October 26: Restored Soul
PODCAST #2: Restored Worship
November 2: Restored Religion
November 9: Restored Credibility
PODCAST #3: Restored Authority
November 16: Restored Dignity
November 23: Restored Hope

6 weeks starting October 19 with 3 bonus podcasts throughout the series.

Join us for Restored…and invite others who are looking for restoration in their lives!