Rescue From Sin’s Grief


Everyday Prayer: Prayer for God to rescue us from sin’s grief.

David has sinned. And he pours out his heart to God. God’s anger is over him like a weight. His bones shake because his sin shakes him to his core. His tears drench his pillow.

Have you ever experienced grief like this because of sin? I have. It isn’t fun.

But the good news is this…

  • God hears us in our grief over our sin.
  • God rescues us from our grief over our sin.

When God could and should turn his back on us,instead he hears and rescues us.

Have you ever experienced rescue from the grief of your sin? I have. And it is refreshing.

You can find rescue from sin and its grief by pouring out this everyday prayer before God.

This series is working through the everyday prayers seen in Psalms. How these prayers can impact our lives, even though we’re living 3,000 years later! Today’s reading is Psalm 6. Receive the devotionals through email by signing up on our homepage. Follow along with the videos by subscribing on our YouTube Channel. And receive them through your Facebook feed by liking us on Facebook.