Preaching Yourself Into Hell


Paul gets right to the point…

Let anyone, including myself, be damned to hell if they preach anything other than the Gospel of Jesus.

Now, there are those who use this to nit pick at people and preachers about how they don’t preach the Gospel. So let’s make sure we know what that is…

Jesus, in the Gospels, shows up saying…

  • The good news is that God is close to all people because all people are far from him.
  • He told a bunch of sinners to follow him.
  • He, being God, hung around sinners all the time. 
  • When the Spirit came, the disciples had the power to take this same Gospel to others. 

The Gospel is that God is close. So repent & follow right where you are. 

Don’t try to clean yourself up. The HOPE of Christ is that HE DOES THE CLEANING! 

Paul is coming against people who say, “Salvation is really Jesus plus ________ brings salvation.” 

What these religious games does is tell people who believe they are far from God that they really are far from God. We need to be telling people who believe they are far from God that God is CLOSE TO THEM!

Jesus already did the work to prove he is close. We just need to believe he is close and share he is close. 

Don’t worry about being religious. Worry about Following Jesus to find Life. And pray he gives you a chance to share that Life today. And, please pray, that someone…anyone…will find Life this Sunday!

Losing My Religion is a sermon series about being free from religious superiority. Read along with us in Galatians and Matthew 23 with our Reading Plan. Today’s reading is from Galatians 1:6-10.