Prayer of Protection from Lies


Everyday Prayer: Prayer for God’s pure words to protect from lies.

We face lies everyday. Lies that have power because they masquerade as the truth. And these lies have the power to destroy our lives.

What do we do? Bunker in? Protect ourselves from the lies?

No! Jesus didn’t bunker in to protect himself. Jesus swam right out into the deep end of the lies. And most of the lies he dealt with were religious in nature.

Don’t bunker in to protect yourself. Wade right out to the deep end. But do so with the pure word of God guiding and protecting you from the power of the lies that masquerade as the truth.

This series is working through the everyday prayers seen in Psalms. How these prayers can impact our lives, even though we’re living 3,000 years later! Today’s reading is Psalm 12. Receive the devotionals through email by signing up on our homepage. Follow along with the videos by subscribing on our YouTube Channel. And receive them through your Facebook feed by liking us on Facebook.