Prayer of Escape


Everyday Prayer: Prayer of escape when the foundation in which we stand crumbles all around us.

When our foundation crumbles, what happens next?

When David’s foundation crumbled, he received the advice to head for the hills. Get out of dodge. Bunker in with weapons. Wait it out. Come back and build the foundation again.

But David knew, if his foundation crumbled once, it can crumble again.

Instead of escaping to the hills, he escaped somewhere else. He escaped to God’s presence in his heavenly temple. He escaped there because…

  1. No one can touch him when he’s in God’s presence.
  2. He can build a foundation that never crumbles.

Earthly foundations will crumble. And we will build them again. But this time, the earthly foundation is built on a heavenly one. A heavenly one that is built by escaping into God’s presence. That way, when our earthly foundation crumbles a second time, we are still standing on a solid foundation.

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