Prayer In Delayed Justice


Everyday Prayer: Justice for the wicked so the righteous aren’t oppressed anymore.

There are times in life when we ask, “What gives, God?”

This is one such prayer for David. He looks out and the wicked are getting by with their wickedness. But not only that, they are prospering in their wickedness. But not only that, they are prospering by taking advantage of the righteous!

Pray God listens and acts in justice towards those who are wicked on the behalf of the righteous.

It is confusing when justice doesn’t follow injustice. But justice delayed isn’t justice forgotten.

God wants us to know when justice is delayed…

  1. He hears the desires of the humble.
  2. He will strengthen their hearts.
  3. He will listen carefully.
  4. He is doing justice for the fatherless and oppressed so that men of the earth may terrify them no more.

God will. God is doing. Notice the tense? Future and present perfect. Delayed doesn’t mean forgotten. God will work. God is at work. Keep coming to God when you see injustice.

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