Prayer During Trouble


Everyday Prayer: Prayer during times of trouble that are so strong, no one can save you…maybe not even God.

Have you ever experienced times of trouble? Maybe a bully was relentless to you. Perhaps someone was so jealous that they tried to destroy you. Or your trouble is because you did something to yourself that brought trouble upon heaping trouble.

During these times, it is so easy to find our own salvation. Trouble is so thick, God can’t even save you. All you have to do is figure your own way out. Find your own revenge. Create your own victory.

David knew this time of trouble. His son, Absalom, sought to kill him and take his throne. That’s trouble.

Instead of finding victory for himself, he waited on God to bring salvation. This means he’d go through worse before God would save him. And David wouldn’t do anything to bring himself out of the situation.

Now, David did pray for God to knock out the teeth of his enemies. He was real about what he wanted from God. But he wasn’t going to bring about his own victory. This actually does 2 things…

  1. Allows us to be innocent when victory comes.
  2. Allows God to bring a deeper victory than we could ever achieve for ourselves.

As you dream of victory in times of trouble, remember God saves his people from trouble. Wait. Be patient. Persevere. Don’t hit send on the angry reply. Let God bring you salvation from your trouble.

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