Praise God. Trust God.


Everyday Prayer: Praise God for his power. Trust God for the strategy.

It is so easy to cut out God when moving forward in strategy. Even in church work. “Use my leadership development plan to grow your church.” “Use my small group material and double your attendance!” Look, God is using those people in wonderful ways. But when we simply use someone else’s strategy and cut out God, we have a false sense of safety.

David called for the people to bring out the best rock band possible to praise God. Why? Because God is so powerful, he has all of creation in his hands. And because of this, any man-made strategy is a false sense of safety.

Will God never lead us to use what someone else has done? Absolutely not! He will use other people to grow you. But if we cut out the God who holds the stars and the oceans in his hands, we cut out his power too.

This series is working through the everyday prayers seen in Psalms. How these prayers can impact our lives, even though we’re living 3,000 years later! Today’s reading is Psalm 33. Receive the devotionals through email by signing up on our homepage. Follow along with the videos by subscribing on our YouTube Channel. And receive them through your Facebook feed by liking us on Facebook.