Praise for God’s Gift


Everyday Prayer: Praise God in creating us for dominion.

When we look out over all creation, it is easy to feel insignificant. The sun, moon and stars shout to a grand universe that is infinately bigger than we are. The animal kingdom shouts a diversity and ferociousness that leaves us terrified. Standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon or the top of a mountain reminds us of our weak and small nature.


  1. God looks after us in ways he doesn’t look after the rest of creation.
  2. God gave us his image unlike the rest of creation.
  3. God gives us dominion over the rest of creation.

He created us for this dominion. That is the purpose of our life! Spend time praising God for making us the apex of his creative work and for giving us the unique gifts of his care, image and dominion.

This series is working through the everyday prayers seen in Psalms. How these prayers can impact our lives, even though we’re living 3,000 years later! Today’s reading is Psalm 9. Receive the devotionals through email by signing up on our homepage. Follow along with the videos by subscribing on our YouTube Channel. And receive them through your Facebook feed by liking us on Facebook.