ShaneEvents, Mission

We have a mission if we choose to accept it…

Stream Non-Fans to God all around the world.

To accomplish this mission, we must serve Non-Fans into the Kingdom. They won’t come to us. We must go to them, all around the world, to serve.

And this mission costs money.

This year’s Mission:2015 offering objectives are, as follows…

  1. Continue serving in Republic “hard places” through Connection Events. Goal: block parties, tail gate parities, parades, movie nights, etc. to connect with people outside the church. Estimate: $1,500.
  2. Support Night Light in the restoration of women caught in the trap of stripping, prostitution and escorting. Goal: Provide Christmas party, ongoing gifts, etc. Estimate: $1,500.
  3. Find God’s North America “hard place” where we will engage long term in a community. Goal: Take a vision trip to Central NY. Estimate: $2,000.

Overall goal, if you choose to accept it, is $5,000. 100% of which will go towards streaming Non-Fans to God in a variety of contexts.

The offering day is December 14. You can give before, on or after December 14 one of two ways…

  1. Give online through REALM or PayPal (see instructions below for both).
  2. Give in person through Mission:2015 envelope; CrossPoint giving envelope & write Mission:2015 on “Other” line.

CrossPoint gives above and beyond to make the mission of God possible through the local church! I’m excited what he will do through his people in 2015!

REALM Giving Instructions

  • Go to CPF’s REALM Login Page.
  • Sign in or click “Register Now”
  • After signing in, click “Giving” Tab.
  • Click Blue “Give” button.
  • Enter amount you want to give.
  • In the drop down menu, select “Mission:2015.”
  • Select frequency.
  • Select what day to give.
  • Click “Give.”

PayPal Giving Instructions

  • Go to CPF.me/give.
  • Select an amount listed or “Other.”
  • Put “Mission:2015” in Purpose line.
  • Log into PayPal, if you have a PayPal account –OR–
  • Fill in your Billing Information.
  • Click “Review Donation and Continue”