God is in Control


God is in Control

God is in control, even in the middle of the evil that seems to be out of control.

The prostitute, beast and kings all seem to be completely out of control. She is intoxicated on the blood of the saints! They are causing havoc all over the world. They’re planning and scheming and winning.

And yet, we read this verse, “For God has put it into their hearts to carry out his plan by having one purpose and to give their kingdom to the best until God’s words are accomplished.”

The beast and the horns hate and turn on the prostitute. They are a nation divided. And a nation divided cannot stand. Someone very smart said that. But we see this treachery as God’s plan from the very beginning. For some reason, God doesn’t stop the evil from happening. However, in the end, he does stop the evil from winning.

Again, this book is written for those struggling with persecution. God is explaining what is happening in the world through cosmic symbols and events. God does not ask to understand why. However, he does ask us to have faith.

Have faith in God being in ultimate control. When times are tough, God doesn’t look at our one snapshot in time. He looks at the whole movie. When the beast looks to be winning, God knows even the evil will turn on itself. And he knows this because he has placed this treachery in their minds!

Your one snapshot in time my look inescapable. Remember that God sees the whole movie. Which includes how he will win the victory for you.

Throughout this year (Aug. 2016-Aug. 2017), CrossPoint will be reading through the New Testament. We are doing this because we’re learning about the Church and the New Testament is the handbook for the church. Therefore, join us as we follow this reading plan. Today’s reading is from Revelation 17.