Giver Family Devotional — Week 1


My apologies to those who follow the Reading Plan of CrossPoint through the blog only. I updated CrossPoint via email, but failed to do via the blog.

The Reading Plan for the Giver series is a 2-time per week devotional designed for families. While it is designed for families, it can be used by anyone! Use it for small group discussions or two people over coffee…or texts.

The focus is on how Jesus is the Giver of Eternal Life through the book of John. And will be supplemental to the sermons preaching in the Giver series. The Reading Plan won’t hit every passage in John. So if you want the entire story, make sure you read it!

We are also utilizing a new feature. These are a series of videos that can be found on the YouVersion app or website. Instructions are in the PDF of each sheet. The link below is the first week’s sheet and after that, there are more General Helps for how to use this Reading Plan.

Giver Family Devotional — Week 1 PDF


  • You know your kids and family. This is a guide…not a rule book. Take the concepts and describe them to YOUR family.
  • But this can be used in a small group or two people over coffee! Leverage it to meet your needs best.
  • This is designed for LOW prep, but not NO prep. Read or watch the passage for yourself. What questions do you have? What stands out to you? What is God saying to you? You will be far more successful sharing what God has shown you.
  • Eternal Life = Everything God gives for us to get through today.
  • This is the BASE definition. Eternal Life is also called Abundant Life by Jesus. Jesus wants us to recognize living life on our own isn’t the better life.
  • The concept of Eternal Life is abstract. Thus harder for kids to grasp. And yet Jesus told his disciples to let the children come to him. It is abstract, but kids have an Eternal Life naturally in them that is something for us adults to learn from!
  • Tangible expressions of Eternal Life: Being excited when you hear worship songs. Been amazed by an awesome sunset. God answering a prayer in an amazing way. Receiving comfort when we are down. God changing our behavior because of something we read in the Bible.
  • Our Eternal Life starts when we are born again. We are born again when we recognize our sin causes death. Then we commit to a Hear & Follow relationship with Jesus.
  • Speak to your children in terms of relationship with Jesus. He forgives, cleanses and gives us a right life through this relationship.
  • You can read the passages or each passage will have a corresponding video (recommended). Each video is found in YouVersion App or > Videos > Life of Jesus (Gospel of John) from Jesus Film Project. Links and QR codes will also be given for easy access.