Find Your Mission. Get Rid of Sin


Getting Rid of Sin

The best way to get rid of sin is to have a mission greater than the sin.

Focusing on the sin doesn’t help. We know this. But so often the advice we receive is to focus on defeating the sin. We’ve all prayed for God to remove a sin. However, when we pray, our mind is drawn to the sin! We focus on our sin in prayer. Then we end up doing the very thing we’re praying to not do!

Conversely, Peter tells us we need a mission greater than the sin. When we have a mission that we devote our lives to that is God’s will, we no longer need our flesh desires to give us Life. God gives us Life for his mission.

Actually, Peter takes it a step further than having a mission. He tells us to equip ourselves with the same resolve Jesus did. What resolve did Jesus have? The resolve that allowed Jesus to suffer in the flesh. But behind the suffering is the resolve for the mission of salvation. When they had resolve for the mission of God, that brought suffering through persecution. We may or may not face that today. And most of us won’t face persecution. Suffering will be the normal suffering and difficulty that anyone goes through when they have their face set on a mission.

Do you want to get rid of sin? Great! Find God’s will through a mission. That will give you something greater than your sin.

Living a Life of Mission

How do we live this type of life of mission?

Be disciplined for prayer. I love the word disciplined here. Discipline is a choice. There are up-teen things we could be doing besides prayer. But like a disciplined boxer training for a match, we must be disciplined to spend time in prayer. We must seek God’s will. He will reveal the mission as we have a relationship with him.

Maintain an intense love for each other. When in doubt, this is our default mission. If you don’t know specifics, find some way to intensely love someone. I love the word intense in this sentence. This isn’t just a general “I’ll do something for someone.” This is “I’m going to do something to love someone and they’re going to know it!”

Serve others based on the talents God has given you. God’s mission has everything to do with how he has gifted us. And we best love people inside our gifting. Figure out how God has gifted you. Then make it your mission to intensely love by serving people with your gift.

Sacrifice your life. Suffering, difficulty and sacrifice is a part of the mission. There is no mission without sacrifice. True in war. True in the Kingdom. We have the same resolve as Jesus to sacrifice our life for the sake of God’s mission.

Sin flushes out of our system when we focus on the mission God has for us. Yes, it’ll always be a struggle on this earth. We have no easy fix. But we can make the struggle easier by focusing on something greater than our sin. Seek God. Find his mission. Pour your life into it.

Throughout this year (Aug. 2016-Aug. 2017), CrossPoint will be reading through the New Testament. We are doing this because we’re learning about the Church and the New Testament is the handbook for the church. Therefore, join us as we follow this reading plan. Today’s reading is from 1 Peter 4.