Finding Righteousness in the Everyday


Paul doubles back and makes some huge statements about how we live each day for the righteousness God promises…

1. Follow one rule to righteousness, follow them all. 

Once we decide on one rule to bring us righteousness, we have to follow all the law. 

And Christ is now of no value to us. 

His life. His death. His resurrection. No value. 

Instead we…

2. In the Spirit, we eagerly await righteousness. 

Doing rules is us thinking we can hurry along righteousness. 

Cause waiting for righteousness is a frustrating wait. Cause while we are waiting, we are getting things wrong!

But God knows and he is ok with the process cause he’s the one that has made it this way! 

This is a keynote…wow…statement in the Bible!

We don’t follow rules cause we follow the Spirit. And eagerly (patiently but with excitement) await the righteousness the Spirit gives us day in and day out. 

And as we wait…

3. Faith works itself out in love. 

And today is a double wow statement!

How have we missed this statement in the church?

When we have faith, it shows up in loving people. Period. 

Not in bible studies. Not in rules. Not in morality. 

Faith shows up in love. 

Man, what huge truth today to go out, live today in eager anticipation of righteousness from the Spirit and loving people while we wait. 

Losing My Religion is a sermon series about being free from religious superiority. Read along with us in Galatians and Matthew 23 with our Reading Plan. Today’s reading is from Galatians 5:1-6.