Finding Only Victory


Finding Only Victory

Victory is gold to those living in oppression.

The boy being bullied in school lies awake at night dreaming of the victory he will one day have over his oppressor. Yesterday, the Groom defeated the oppressor. Now, an angel shackles the oppressor. And the oppressor spends 1,000 years in a pit unable to deceive anyone.

Next, for a moment, life again looks bleak. The city of God and the people of God are under siege. But fire from heaven consume the vast army Satan recruits for the battle. The angel throws him into the lake of fire and sulfur with the beast and false prophet. God judges the rest of his followers and find the same fate as their leader. This is the Second Death.

In the beginning of Revelation, endurance is a necessary quality of God’s people. However, God now quickly defeats his enemies. And his people enjoy the benefits of victory. They reign with Jesus and the Second Death has no power.

For the oppressed, reigning is far from their reality. Those who reign cause their problems. But God gives his people a promise. A promise to reign with him for eternity.

Facing beheading is bad. But not as bad as facing the Second Death. God is comforting his people. No matter how bad your first death may be, the Second Death cannot touch you.

While on this earth, we will have to endure. This means facing victory and defeat. And maybe more defeat than victory. But in the end, God has promised only victory. And we live in victory today because God has given the victory for eternity.

Throughout this year (Aug. 2016-Aug. 2017), CrossPoint will be reading through the New Testament. We are doing this because we’re learning about the Church and the New Testament is the handbook for the church. Therefore, join us as we follow this reading plan. Today’s reading is from Revelation 20.