Finding Joy in Forgiveness and Righteousness


Everyday Prayer: Find joy in the forgiveness and righteousness of God.

Sin held inside zaps our soul like a hot, steamy summer Missouri afternoon.

This pain and anguish our soul goes through is God’s gift to us to come to him for joy. When we seek forgiveness, God refreshes us. God fills us with joy again.

But there is an even greater joy God wants to give. It is the joy of his righteousness. His desire isn’t for us to continue to cycle back to sin, even though we are human and we will. His desire is that we find the joy of his righteousness. And then we find victory over our sin.

There is a path out of our sin. We must be humble enough to recognize our sin. Humble enough to know we can’t help ourselves out of our sin. And humble enough to seek forgiveness of our sin.

This series is working through the everyday prayers seen in Psalms. How these prayers can impact our lives, even though we’re living 3,000 years later! Today’s reading is Psalm 32. Receive the devotionals through email by signing up on our homepage. Follow along with the videos by subscribing on our YouTube Channel. And receive them through your Facebook feed by liking us on Facebook.