Everything Is From God



Paul starts off his letter to Galatians reminding them that everything is from God.

Paul’s role and call is from God. He didn’t put himself in his role. God did.

You know what that means for you? You don’t give yourself your role…or your skills to get that role…it is all a part of the call of God. So you can trust that he has you where he wants you and will put you where he wants you.

Paul worked hard. But it all was in response to where God was leading at that particular time.

But then Paul got to a more fundamental aspect. God is the One who initiated and completed our salvation. This concept is the foundation of the rest of Galatians.

He rescued us from this evil age. This doesn’t mean that we go seclude ourselves from this evil age. This means we get to live in this evil age, but all the while he rescued us from the destruction of sin. That’s what salvation is. The cleansing and healing from the destruction sin causes. And then he gives us the righteousness that will allow us to live free from the destruction.

Paul is setting the tone. Salvation is from God alone. Our life is from God alone.

We then live by faith in the freedom God gives.

Losing My Religion is a sermon series about being free from religious superiority. Read along with us in Galatians and Matthew 23 with our Reading Plan. Today’s reading is from Galatians 1:1-5.