Connection Team

ShaneImpact Team

The sermon starts in the parking lot.

Non-Fans show up with a lot of questions. Their last time in church (if there was a last time), probably was rough. And if they had never been in church, they have plenty of stereotypes they are walking in with.

Our Connection Team is the front line of CrossPoint. People who come for the first time have any walls broken down by the Connection Team.

So if you love to make people smile, love for people to have good food & drink, love to connect people to people, this team is for you!

What are the role possibilities?

Connection Team is the conduit through which Non-Fans stream.

  • Parking
  • Hospitality
  • Gift
  • Greeter
  • Tour Guide
  • Last Touch
  • Follow Up
  • Security

If you would like to sign up for a role on the Connection Team or get more info, fill out the form below…