Building Update



We got our rough-in inspection this week. Just a couple of things to take care of. We keep rolling right along!

The kids’ room will be finished this weekend.

Now we’re getting more to “our stuff.” Painting, decor, etc.

And, we know we need $5,000 to finish the project well. If you’d like to give, see our Mission:2014 page.


It. Is. Gone!

What we’ve been waiting for. The wall is down. We’re seeing VISIBLE progress. Take a look yourself…

2014-10-13 08.31.31 2014-10-13 08.31.04 2014-10-13 08.30.51

Stay tuned for more updates and what you can do to help get our building ready for Sunday (not totally ready, but ready enough).

10/8/14 Update

And the one we’ve been waiting for…

We now have the building permit! Shane is meeting with the contractor today to layout timeline.

Soon…very soon now.

10/1/14 Update

Small…but getting bigger!

As of yesterday, we got all the approvals needed. Now the City is doing the paperwork needed. Our building manager was told by Friday for building permit!

9/23/14 Update

Another small update!

Our architect plans were completed yesterday and the plans got to the City of Republic!

Now we wait to see if it is good enough…

9/22/14 Update

We had a meeting last week with the City of Republic and the things they needed were very small. We are now waiting for our architect to resubmit the plans to the City.

9/12/14 Update

We had small progress this week.

The City of Republic came back with a list of things that we need to work on with the drawings to receive approval.

Our architect says what is on the list is not a big deal. We’re planning a meeting for early next week with the City to resolve those issues.

If you’d like to help us with seats, equipment and decor for our expanded facility, see our donation page at

8/29/14 Update

The architect has done his work. Now the city has the drawings! We should know early in the week of September 1 on building permits.

One of our internal goals was to increase income before adding expenses. And boy have the people made that happen! We’re setting income records each month! Way to respond!

We have some chairs donated to us to borrow before we can purchase matching chairs.
Someone has given us a fooseball table to use.
Someone is working on a cool backdrop for our stage.
Someone has given us some tables and equipment to use for cafe space.

Things are happening!

Initial Update

We are still waiting on city & architect stuff!

So that’s pretty much where we are. Waiting for those checks to be marked. Then we can get on with it!

However, there’s some background things we can do while we wait. Getting all of our plans finalized for carpet, paint, lighting, cafe furniture, etc will help us be able to step in and make things happen when we finally get the “Okay!”

So what can you help with?

Here are the task lists that we put up in the Big Room this past Sunday. Just because something is “owned” doesn’t mean they don’t need help…or are willing to let you own it. Fill out the form below if you’d like to own or help an area!


Building Task List 1 Building Task List 2