Paul’s Resume

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Paul’s resume looks like this… Objective Win as many people as possible to Christ. Qualifications Hebrew. Israelite. Offspring of Abraham. Servant of Christ. 5 times received 39 lashings. 3 times beaten with rods. Once was stoned. 3 times shipwrecked. Spent a day & night adrift … Read More

Peter’s View of Government

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Note: I did cut a video for this one, but it ended up not working.  Peter also wrote about how to view the government. He wrote about 10 years after Paul, but still during the reign of Nero. In fact, Nero, inside the 10 years, … Read More

Paul’s View on Government

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The day to vote is tomorrow! It is almost here! The ads and phone calls are almost over. But really, get out and vote. Become informed. Don’t just vote for someone because of what ticket they are on. Vote for them because they best match … Read More

Build Community

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When people believe when we share at an open forum, is that the end of the story? No. We build them into a community. The disciples would form community when people believed in the message of Jesus. In other words, they started a church. But … Read More

Lift Up Jesus

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When we’ve earned the right to speak at an open forum, what do we do with that opportunity? We lift up Jesus in the native’s heart language. As we look at the sermons in Acts, they preach out in the open forums. They earn the … Read More

Ice Scrappers Are In!

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The ice scrappers are in! Pick some up today for your Halloween adventure tonight. Give them to homes to serve them back. Give them to passer bys. Give them to people who come to your door (along with candy, of course). But, it doesn’t stop … Read More

Open Forums

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When the disciples went into the community and built relationships with people, they found the open forums in the community. What is an open forum? Glad you asked. An open forum is a place in a community where people talk freely. In our church world, … Read More


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Tongues is a hard topic to discuss because everyone has an opinion on it. We also didn’t live in the first century. They speak of tongues like everyone knew about them and experienced them. But we haven’t. So there are things that we simply don’t … Read More

Gifts, Signs & Wonders

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As the disciples made relationships, how did those relationships turn into disciple making relationships? God used gifts, signs and wonders to open people’s eyes to who he is. On the day of Pentecost, it was tongues. In the temple, it was a healing miracle. On … Read More

Build Relationships

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What do we do when we go out to the fringes? We build relationships with people who don’t know God, don’t know Jesus and don’t care to. Our goal isn’t to use the people to get another number. We are building relationships because people need … Read More