Genesis 9

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Ever since Genesis 3:15 we’ve been looking for the one who would squash the head of the snake. Maybe that would be Noah. God called him righteous. God used him to cleanse the world of sin. In Genesis 9 we get the answer to our … Read More


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  God has a vision for you. Do you know what it is? Our next disciple making relationship opportunity is starting September 25. And it is designed to help you discover God’s vision for your life. Join us for this 6-week group @ 6:00 PM … Read More

Genesis 8

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God cleansed the world. As soon as Noah walked off the boat, he made a sacrifice to God. And it was pleasing to God. Really, getting God to be pleased isn’t difficult. It is through making a pure, clean sacrifice. This points to the sacrifice … Read More

Genesis 7

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The earth was baptized. Sin had ravaged the earth. It grieved God. So he cleaned it. He baptized away the sin. He cleansed the earth of what destroyed it. But it still didn’t work. Sin came back. God knew that it would. That’s in part … Read More

Genesis 6

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God always saves the world through a righteous one. God always judges the world through a righteous one. Both are true. And it is evident through Genesis 6. God was sorry he made man. I think it is the sorrow of a Father who’s son … Read More

Genesis 5

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If you look at all the names and think, “I’m gonna speed read this.” I don’t blame you. But inside the genealogies there are almost always nuggets. But you have to watch for them. There are two nuggets in Genesis 5. Enoch. Noah & his … Read More

Genesis 4

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“Watch out” God tells Cain, “Sin is crouching at the door. You can master it or it can master you.” Cain had a jacked up, angry, vengeful heart. God knew it. Cain knew it. But God tried to steer Cain in the right direction. But … Read More

Genesis 3

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The only thing that God didn’t give Adam & Eve is the knowledge of evil. But Satan deceived them into thinking God was holding back. That he had more to give them. That they could be like God. Ironically, they were already like God. He … Read More

Genesis 2

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The first chapter was about systems and order. The second chapter is about creativity. God made this world with awesomeness! He made this world also to live with his people. And when his people only knew him, they were innocent and knew no shame. It … Read More

Genesis 1

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We are starting to read through Genesis. This week is Genesis 1-5. And we start in the beginning. God created everything. If you’ve been around church much at all, you’ve heard this. You’ve probably seen it played out on a flannel graph. But here is … Read More