CrossPoint’s Values

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We unveiled the stated values of CrossPoint this past Sunday… Commitment. To God, his mission and people. Team. We will produce more Kingdom fruit together than separate. Progress. God will continually progress us in his image. We will continually progress in what we do. I … Read More

Integrity of Values

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Integrity isn’t character. Integrity is being who you say you are. I’ve heard integrity used in bridges. Saying, “The integrity of that bridge is compromised.” What that means is while the bridge looks safe, it really isn’t. So a bank robber can have a better … Read More

Let Love Be Our First Response

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Our Missional Mandate is “We are here to serve.” The more I think about it, the more I like it. Why? Cause if our first response is to preach. If our first response is to yell. If our first response is to whine. If our … Read More

Decade Day!

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It is decade day this Sunday at CrossPoint! We failed to remind everyone, but dress in your favorite decade this Sunday at CrossPoint. No, it isn’t a gag to get you to dress up and everyone else stays the same. This is for real. I … Read More

When a Door Is More Than a Door

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A door is more than a door. It is the gateway for non-Fans to stream to CrossPoint. So how do we see non-Fans stream? Come this Sunday and you’ll find out. Elemental: Missional Mandate 9:00 & 10:45 AM

Use What You’ve Been Given

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Want some ideas on how you can use the talents and passions he’s given you? Well, here are a few… Worship. Instrumentalists. Tech. DJ (Spotify). Graphics. Kids. Nursery. Older Kids. Check-in. Worship (All you need to be is energetic). New Youth Environment. Snacks. Games. Small … Read More

You Are Not the Traffic

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I bet you never thought of that before. Sitting in traffic on Battlefield or Glenstone trying to get into the Battlefield Mall, you’ve never smiled and said, “I’m not stuck in traffic. I am the traffic!” Neither do you go to church. You are the … Read More

Life Is More Than a Baseball Game

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Why do the Kansas City Royals not sell out every home game? They’re not the best. But what happened when the All-Star Game was played in their stadium last summer? The stadium sold out. Why? The best baseball players were in the stadium. This is … Read More


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What do you think of when you think of a church? Building? Service? Organization? Staff? The series we are starting on Sunday will take the Bible and give us a picture of what the Church is supposed to be and how we at CrossPoint fit … Read More

Christmas Invites

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This Sunday is one of the best days of the year to invite people. More people are focused on Jesus, Church and what it all means during this time of the year. That means more people are open to accepting an invite to church. But … Read More