Ambassadors for the King


Life Point: God makes us ambassadors of his kingdom.

If you’re wondering, “Does God really give away his kingdom do us?” you can’t miss what Paul says about us…

We are ambassadors for Christ and God is making his appeal through us.

Ambassadors are representatives of their home kingdom inside a foreign kingdom. And this is exactly what God is doing. He gives his kingdom to us and gives us the ability to be his mouthpiece to a foreign kingdom.

What’s the message? Simply, “Be reconciled to God.” God has done all the work necessary to be reconciled to him. And we get all the benefits. A brand new life. Not counting our sin against us. Becoming sin so we can become righteousness!

This is the message God wants us to take to the foreign kingdom we live in. Are you ready to be an ambassador?

Today’s Reading is from 2 Corinthians 5:11-21.

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