Salvation in Helplessness


Everyday Prayer: In helplessness, give our energy into finding salvation in God.

When we are helpless and confused, we fixate on the situation or the person who made us confused and helpless. But when we do that, it is wasted energy.

First, our situation will not change when we are in a helpless state. Chances are very high we will make the wrong decision in a confused, helpless state.

Second, strong people who make others feel weak get strength from making people feel weak. So to put our energy into bringing a strong person down will end up backfiring.

All wasted energy.

Instead, put the energy into finding salvation in God.

David is facing a helpless and confusing time. But instead of fixating on the situation or people who are causing this, he fixates on God’s salvation.

And David changes his tone. God can be praised in helplessness because we know he will help the helpless. We don’t know when or how, but he will. And God is the strength to the helpless in the helplessness.

The last part of the prayer is priceless. God, save your people, bless your possession, shepherd (lead) them and carry them forever. In helplessness look to God for your salvation, blessing, leadership and destination.

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